GEO EYES II TM new tissue stimulator...

GEO EYES II TM new tissue stimulator with polinucleotides 1x1ml

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tissue stimulator


GEO EYES II TM is a polynucleotide gel dedicated to eye area skin redermalization treatments. Thanks to the presence of polynucleotides it is a specific reconstructor of collagen and elastin, as well as a stimulator of tissue reconstruction. Exceptional anti-aging effect of GEO EYES II TM results from stimulation of structural skin receptors to restore skin support fibers and replenish defi cit of natural hyaluronic acid, thus strongly thickening the skin and eliminating tissue atrophy.

Antioxidant properties of polynucleotides additionally neutralize the effect of free radicals and protect the sensitive skin around the eyes from the degrading effects of exogenous factors. Application of GEO EYES II TM allows for significant correction and firming of skin condition, reduction of wrinkles and visible bruising of the lower eyelid.

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