GEO-LIFTING V  64mg - Tissue...

GEO-LIFTING V 64mg - Tissue Stimulator 2ml

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GEO-LIFTING V is a tissue stimulator for bio-remodeling and skin contouring. By using a 5-point application technique, GEO-LIFTING V allows for the reconstruction of correct facial geometry and proportions, lost with age.

The main effect of treatment with GEO-LIFTING VTM is the slimming of facial features and strong activation of fibroblasts provides a natural volumetric correction by increasing the volume of tissue, which effects in enhancing the tissue to the desired dimension.


About the treatment:

Only 5 injection points - 5 point application technique. GEO-LIFTING V technique was developed to minimise the number of applications and risk of complications

64 mg of hyaluronic acid - high concetration of hyaluronic acid with high and low molecular weight and selected chain length

Only 2 treatments - perform in a series of 2-3 treatments, 4 weeks apart.

Painless procedure and minimal recovery- specialised technique of application, does not cause discomfort and side effects

Immediate effect - a slight volumetric effect visible immediately after the treatment and a full skin revitalisation appearing after 4 weeks



    • reconstruction of correct facial geometry
    • restoration of correct proportions
    • slimming of facial features and strong activation of fibroblasts
    • improving hydration of the skin
    • Strong skin revitalisation
    • Prevention of skin flabbiness


32mg (H-HA) high-molecular hyaluronic acid

32mg (L-HA) low-molecular hyaluronic acid


High effectiveness of GEO-LIFTING V is caused by record high content of hyaluronic acid 64mg/2ml. High concentrations of

low-molecular-weight and high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid ensure multifaceted skin revitalization and restore balanced facial contours

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